Memories V
Memories V
Memories V
Memories V
Memories V

Memories V

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What mark do we leave on this world? What do we do differently? What unforgettable memories do we build with our family and friends? A word, a gesture, an attitude, a look, a feeling, a song... What makes this something unique and special? 

We leave marks where we pass. A unique trail: vestiges of experiences that we carry all our life. Yes, it's a very well edited film. A famous phrase by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was part of the creative process of this project: "Those who pass by us do not go alone. They leave a little of themselves, they take a little of us."

The series Memories visually speaks about time and relationships. A walk through some universal values of humanity that the little things in life bring us. I try to reflect on what we learn from each other and what we teach. Have you thought about what you want to keep in someone's memory today?

The forms are inspired by human fingerprints and our DNA. The abstraction of my work is a process of deconstruction: a game of forms that arise intuitively, with the intention of proposing another possibility to observe, suggest sensations and a reflection on the meaning of things. 

This watercolor has a palette with shades of violet, yellow and metallic tones in gold.

Size: 28,2 x 37,8 cm (approximately)

Canson® Héritage 100% cotton and 300g/m2

. Year: 2020

In my watercolor painting process, I usually use a lot of water, which sometimes causes a ripple at some point on the paper, this is natural and is part of my creation. Once the work is framed, this undulation should not be so visible. 

*Frame not included.
*Please note as all monitors are different, colours may appear different to what you see on your screen.