I have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil, 2005), a Specialist in Culture and Creation from SENAC MS (Brazil, 2010) and a Diploma in Graphic Design from BAU (Spain, 2017).

Parallel to my work with Graphic Design (Art Director in SextaFeira*Studio, I spent many years creating artistically in different media (sculpture, engraving, collage, illustration, photography, dance, theatre and music), always with the idea that an artist should be able to express himself in different languages because this is what adds more wealth and uniqueness to his work. 

I began my studies and experiences with watercolors in 2018 and started selling my first works in 2019, produced in online platforms.

Building a world where not everything is what really seems to be is fascinating. This is what I seek with abstraction. It makes me think about matter, reason and time of the forms of many things around us. These reflections lead me to the deconstruction of images and the creation of spontaneous visual poems, dynamic, full of emotions and sensations.

I am interested in creation with freedom in relation to any figurative association, with surprising compositions of colour and form, exploring the nature that surrounds and inspires me, deconstructing to build. The main concept I want to work on is a painting of autonomous signs, combining the simplicity of forms with the complexity of the process. Abstraction for me is a way of being and looking at the world. It is the language that I wish to convey.